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There are a lot of options these days for Equity, Diversity & inclusion orgs.

And since EDI is not a one size-fits all, finding a good fit to support your unique goals & needs is crucial for success.

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“Bridging the gap between good intentions and sustained action isn’t just a “nice to have” or luxury; it’s instead the means of collective survival.”

--Jeremy Evans-Smith, Founder & CEO

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Elevate: The In-Common
Black ERG

take your seat at the table

In Tech, most Employee Resource Groups (or ERGs), including Black ERGs are largely volunteer led. They typically don’t have a sustained or committed budget.

This creates an additional burden on Black employees.
On top of COVID-19, systemic Anti-Blackness & one's general workload.

Ascending is creating an industry-shared, ERG to lighten the load.
Coming fall, October 2020

Perfect for Small Teams

Small Team Members

Finding meaningful connection with someone else who shares your identity shouldn't just be for large teams with sizable ERG budgets.

Everybody deserves to find their sense of Connectedness.
Whether employee no. 5 or no. 500

ERGs: A Benefit for Everyone

Intercultural Collaboration

Did you know that ERGs have been around since 1971?

In that time, data has shown ERGs result in:
Higher Employee Retention - Talent Pipeline Diversification - Less Isolation

An ERG isn't a luxury.
It's an investment with proven ROI.